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Bulk SMS Marketing

The Bulk Messaging is to deliver a large number of sms messages to selected mobile phone terminals in an area or island wide. Using this method, media companies, enterprises, banks and marketing companies send their promotions, special details and many more as sms alerts or reminders in a short time period to a large number of phone users.

Our Bulk SMS gateway allows users to send bulk sms to all networks in Sri Lanka. The prices of our bulk sms packages are given bellow. (including VAT and 160 character SMS)

Bundle (SMS) Each Price
100 – 1000 Rs 1.00
1001 – 3000 Rs 0.80
3001 – 5000 Rs 0.70


Eg: If you want to send 3050 sms, your cost is Rs 2635.

Amount of sms Multiplication Each Price (Rs) Total Cost (Rs)
1000 x 1.00 Rs 1000.00
2000 x 0.80 Rs 1600.00
50 x 0.70 Rs 35.00

Rs 2635.00


If you are willing to send bulk sms to your customers, please contact us for necessary arrangements.

Bulk SMS Machines For sales

We have solutions for your bulk sms promotions. At one time you can send less than 5000 SMSes using this kind of bulk sms machines. We think it is the best practice for your bulk sms campaigns. You can get more details by contacting our sales agents.

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