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Websites for Business

We are ready to create your websites for corporate, small & medium enterprises as well as other organizations around the world. The website will increase your business income and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. As soon as we receive your order to create a website, our team will request a desirable template and begin to create it? as you like. The procedure is given bellow.
  1. First of all, you have to make an payment for your website.
  2. After that, you are given a chance to select an example template for your website.
  3. Then you need to submit basic articles and photos for it.
  4. After the above requirements, we take some considerable time to process and build the basic website for you.
  5. After completing the design, you are invited to view the website for re-correction and shortcomings of it.
  6. Then it will be taken to finalize it and build you complete website.

Compare our standard website packages details:


Website Package Details

Website Package Type
Prices and Payments

Starter Package

Initial Payment :
$ 120
(Rs 18,000 for Sri Lankans)
Rental for a year :
$ 60
(Rs 8,500 for Sri Lankans)
Basic Website (Personal Website)

Smart Package

Initial Payment :
$ 300
(Rs 45,000 for Sri Lankans)
Rental for a year :
$ 80
(Rs 12,000 for Sri Lankans)
Business Website

Silver Package

Initial Payment :
$ 780
(Rs 110,000 for Sri Lankans)
Rental for a year :
$ 160
(Rs 24,000 for Sri Lankans)
Full Option Website ( First, Second Page Ranking )

Gold Package

Initial Payment :
$ 1500
(Rs 220,000 for Sri Lankans)
Rental for a year :
$ 400
(Rs 60,000 for Sri Lankans)
Full Option Website ( First Page Ranking )

Considering all the packages and facilities, you can decide what package will suit your needs. After that you can ask for us to build your dream site for future business. Your website gives a business stability and importance to your business. It will help you to build the personality of your business.

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