We are introducing a simple call center solutions for small and medium business that provides services and goods. This facility can be installed to a mobile phone number and call in and call out can be obtained through this software equipment.

When you receive a call, it goes to a recording system with selecting options that help to make the caller aware of your marketing promotion details and special services that provide to the customers. By giving same details to the customers you can be fed up with answering calls . Furthermore, you don’t need to spend lots of time to answer  the same questions over the phone. To make this task done easily, the simple call center equipment has come to the stage.

The Call center software or Call center solutions make your business hold the top in the business world. This is suitable for small and medium business holders.

For example:

press 1 for special promotions, press 2 for our new services, press 3 for our company details, press 4 for customer care agent etc.

For example, check the following business phone line:

+94 711 472 492

(Expresslanka Marriage Proposals Service)